FairPlay reports by 7th June

So far this season over 2,200 FairPlay reports have been received about League games. This is really helpful, as it we can understand what is happening each weekend from a Respect point of view. Please keep the reports coming in.

We will be announcing the winning teams for FairPlay in June, at the League’s AGM. Please make sure your team has reported all its games by 7th June because after that is when we plan to calculate the FairPlay league tables.

If you have got an account this season please sign in and make sure your team is up to date with its FairPlay submissions. You can report any games going back 28 days. If your team is still to register for an account to submit FairPlay reports, its not too late to start getting involved. These Registration FAQs may be of help.




  • FairPlay reports by 7th June
    FairPlay winners will be announced in June. The last date to get FairPlay reports in so that they count is 7 June.
  • Christmas ’23 FairPlay tables
    Tables calculated on FairPlay reports received in the first half of the season and fixtures up to Christmas 2023. If teams did not provide a FairPlay score for their opposition, then default scores are applied.
  • 28 days to submit a FairPlay report
    We want your Fairplay scores while the game is fresh in your mind. Four weeks after a game is the last point where a report can be made about it. Please sign in and make sure your team is up to date with its FairPlay submissions
  • FairPlay winners 2022-23
    Fairplay tables for 2022-2023 are published, based on 3,961 comments received during the season.