FairPlay Scoring guideline

This guideline is intended to help when you are reporting a game for FairPlay. For each of the categories (Players, Supporters, Managers) please score the opposition team a maximum of 100 points making deductions for the following offences:

  • Losing control of temper
  • Arguing with or questioning referee/linesman decisions
  • Criticised players performance (whether own team or oppositions)
  • Shouting abuse
  • Encouraging unfair play
  • Failure to show respect to the opposition.

Depending on your overall impression of the opposition team’s behaviour you are likely to end up with points in these bands:-

Very PoorPoorSatisfactoryGoodExcellent
0 – 1920 – 3940 – 5960 – 7980 – 100

If you give a score below 40 (i.e. Poor or Very Poor) it is essential you add a comment. This is so the League can spot trends and follow up to address with the team.