Fair Play

Our FairPlay scheme measures Player, Supporter and Team Official behaviour as perceived and marked by the opposition. We publish FairPlay tables twice a season, and at the end of the season we announce the teams with best FairPlay performance. Last season’s winners were announced at the AGM.

Submit FairPlay scores about your games here (only if you are signed in). To get a FairPlay account register here (you’ll need a code from your League contact).


FairPlay gives young players, managers and parents/supporters a goal to aim for during the season. The ethos behind the scheme is to encourage fair play throughout the age groups. Encouraging young sports people to behave in a sportsman like manner and play fairly is a step towards these players growing in maturity and showing good sportsmanship in the future. The increased pressures of the professional game do not always set the best examples, and we need to show, through the Fairplay League, how the game should be played and what behaviour is expected.

At the end of the season after all results have been tabulated, the winners of each age group will receive a certificate honouring their achievement.

How to submit Fairplay scores

After each match a Fairplay rating about the opposition team is required from your team. Please do this within a few days of the game so that everything is fresh in your mind. Worst case we do allow up to 28 days though.

FairPlay reports are required for League, Cup, and Subsidiary games that have been played, including abandoned games (that actually started) and void games. For help giving a FairPlay rating to your opposition, take a look at FairPlay Scoring Guidelines. We do not require Fairplay submissions for walkovers (as there was no play), or for County Cup games.

Games with missing Fairplay submissions get default scores which lead to your club dropping down the FairPlay tables so its important to make submissions within the 28 days given. Submit Fairplay scores by clicking here. To submit scores for your team you will need to register for an account if you don’t have one already.

Expunged and Void games that were played

We don’t need reports about postponed games that were not played. However if the game was played then we want to hear about the behaviour and your scores will count in the Fairplay tables. So when you sign in to Fairplay, expunged and void games will auto fill for you if a submission is expected.

Sometimes, the League may move a team to a different division shortly after the season has begun. Then some of the played League games become expunged from the League tables. However we still require Fairplay reports for these expunged games as we want to track a team’s behaviour throughout its time with the League.

If your opposition team folds or withdraws from the League, we would still like a Fairplay submission about the behaviour during games that were played. We keep expunged games in the Fairplay system after teams have withdrawn so that submissions will count in the Fairplay tables.

Void games are rare but arise when games are played and we later find out both sides had players that were not registered in time (usually due to missing the player registration deadline for the start of the season).

Non-submission of Fairplay reports

If you don’t file Fairplay reports about the games you play, then your team is penalised. Missed game reports eventually lead to your club appearing lower down the FairPlay tables. 40 points out of the available 100 will be awarded to your team if you and your opponent team both did not score each other. (This was 50 points in previous seasons this change is intended to incentivise teams to make submissions).

If you do make a submission but your opposition fails to, then 100 points will be scored to your team. In previous seasons it was only 80 points, so it is really worth submitting a score even if you know your opposition does not intend to.